Tuesday, June 30, 2009

opinions are key

Last week I sent my sister, Katherine, the first chapter of my book, Avondale, to read aloud to her class of fifth graders. After she reads it she is going to have them answer 7 questions that I compiled in a questionnaire. I wasn't easy on myself with the questions I asked, they're not all geared toward eliciting positive answers, one in particular was - Is there any part of the first chapter that you think needs improvement? What part and why? What would you do differently? But nonetheless, I am looking forward to hearing their answers, particularly to the question above, and also to the last question, which was - What is your favorite kind of book to read? (i.e.: mystery, suspense, science-fiction, fantasy, funny-stuff, scary, romantic, silly). This should be interesting to know.....
So while I understand that my questionnaire isn't a complete scientific study- it's only a small part of California, one classroom, one grade - I am excited/nervous to hear the results!
Stay tuned for what they say and to read the first chapter yourself!

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