Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bow down before the one you serve... wotw

What kind of blog about writing would this be without a word of the week!? Everybody needs to expand their vocabulary, right? Well I know I do. So in order to help all of you who have at one time or another been in the situation where a conversation goes south because someone says a word you don’t understand and then you stop listening and you get sweaty and a look of confusion pulls down your face.....I give you..... The word of the week.
Obsequious (adj): humbly or exceedingly attentive (as to a person in authority): Fawning, Sycophantic.
Used in a sentence: When Audrey spotted her favorite author at a book signing, she did not fail to voice her obsequious observations about her brilliant new book, and her adorable, yellow sweater, and her cute new hairdo and... she would have said more, but security dragged her away.
(I didn’t say the sentence would be any good, but you’ll probably remember it now!)

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