Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a fur princess turns seven

Sadie turned 7 years old today. And I did something I've never done before...I bought her an orange, frosted birthday treat. Maybe I sang Happy Birthday to her, maybe I didn't. She was delivered her sugary surprise at the dinner table where she's never ever been allowed to sit before. After sniffing her biscuit with a look of longing, I told her to take it, and what did she do? She left it untouched on its plate and looked up at me with her ears turned down. The voice in her head must've been saying, Is this a trick? What's this lady up to? Am I really allowed to eat off the table? I nudged the treat closer to her mouth. She sniffed and looked up again fixing her brown eyes on me. All those doggie training classes where we practiced the leave it! command must've actually paid off. Who knew! Finally, I picked the cookie up and popped it in her mouth. She sat holding it there as in the picture above, not believing her luck. Eventually, I set her down and she ran like hell to her room where she could enjoy her treat in peace. And now, the carpet where said birthday biscuit was devoured, has never been so clean.

Happy Birthday Sadie!!!