Thursday, May 6, 2010

flipside finds face lift

I'm making some changes to the ole' blogaroo. First, I've performed a little face lift. I got rid of the polka dots. I'm trying to keep things simple. Also, you'll notice (if you've ever read this blog, anyway) that I've added a sub-title called ...and naive advice from a newbie writer. Yes, naive advice, because like many a new writer who is trying to find her way in the writing world, I often stumble upon little treasures of advice that I feel help me as an aspiring one-day-hopefully-in-this-lifetime-to-be-published writer, and I like to share them with you.

Between my naive advice (which actually sometimes isn't naive at all, but, rather, advice I gather from very established professionals writing in very professional magazines and blogs, etc.) and examples of what other published and esteemed writers are doing and writing and saying, I think that, eventually, all of these little golden nuggets of wisdom might actually pay off for me and you (if you happen to be a writer). And by pay off I mean that one day I might finally get paid for something that I write...wouldn't that be nice.

And one last thing....I know that a couple of months ago I said that I was going to add some chapters from the three middle-grade novels I've written (Avondale, Hipster the Crime Sniffer, and Trevelyn's Shimmer). I was also going to include a timeline and agent/editor count to show how many times my novels have been rejected, and a revision count to show, well, how many times I've revised them. I know I said that I was going to do something like that. And I plan to! I'm just not very technically savvy. Also, I'm not ready to share with you the first chapters from my three books. Trevelyn's Shimmer is on her way, but not quite ready yet...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the face lift and thanks for staying tuned!

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