Tuesday, May 4, 2010

futuristic clothing

Glowing dresses, sparkling t-shirts, flashing silk chiffon...the future of clothing is here. I like to refer to Back to The Future Part II, as you'll notice, when talking about the future, especially when it comes to fashion. I was particularly fond of the self-drying jacket Michael J. Fox wore in the second BTTF movie, and his self-lacing Nike Kicks. Futuristic clothing is something that I get really excited about, so when I saw the footage of singer Katy Perry in a light-up CuteCircuit dress at the Met Gala in New York City last night, I was very happy....

Katy Perry's dress, made by the London based company CuteCircuit, was done in silk chiffon and decked out with over 3,000 LEDs hidden inside the fabric. Throughout the night, Perry's dress morphed from something simple to something magical. She was definitely the bell of the ball, if you ask me. Now I want my own Twirkle t-shirt!

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