Saturday, June 13, 2009


A good friend of mine told me the other day that if you’re not getting lots of rejections, you’re not trying hard enough (no response is a form of rejection, right?). Well I’ve gotten a few of those, silent responses that is, but she’s right, it’s time to start greasing the wheels and begin my own little production line of sending out queries to publishers.
It takes time to write a book and a long time to write a really good book, but it takes a really, really long time to write a decent query letter and synopsis – a writer’s main tools in catching an editor’s eye. So now that my second novel, Avondale, is revised down to the bone, I’ll be querying until my head spins and rubbing Sadie’s belly for good luck.
Here’s an excerpt from Avondale, a sci-fi/fantasy novel with heart for tweens:

It once has been told it once has been sung
That the birth of a Double would
one day be sprung
A girl and a boy their heritage true
Will grace thee
fine land, the multiple two
I’ve heard from the wise ones the blessed the
The younglings be hidden so as not to their graves
Pure blood they
will have and minds so intense
One day weakened Avondale will need their
The girl will be quiet, serene and gifted with sight
The boy will
be hardy, bold and ready to fight
When the sun in the sky is round and bright
The eleventh year of their existence will bring forth the said

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