Thursday, June 4, 2009

plastiki expedition

Just last night my sister and I were talking about the plastic bags we use to pick up our dogs', well, poop....(I know, fascinating, right!). But if they're not biodegradable, those bags, along with millions of other people's bags, will sit in landfills way past our lifetime. So when I read about someone trying to ignite environmental awareness, by building a boat made out of plastic bottles and recycled waste products, the Plastiki, I was intrigued. David de Rothschild and crew are actually sailing this boat from San Francisco, California, all the way to Sydney, Australia. They'll be sailing through the world's largest waste dump and other places of environmental concern along the way. I haven't made it over to Pier 31 to check out the boat yet, but I'll be following along and posting updates on this endeavor. Image above from more about this massive undertaking there.

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