Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm starting to think that Sadie should have her own blog. I've never seen a dog get so much attention, really! Yesterday she took a trip into town with me and my sis-in-law, and practically everyone who saw her petted her and asked a million questions, ok, maybe that's a tad over-dramatic, but seriously, by the time I got home her fur was slicked back against her head. In fact, her fur is what draws people to her. People ask me all the time if I dye or highlight her hair. I have to hold back my laughter because they're actually being serious, but no, I don't highlight my dog's hair.... (I do dress her in cute sweaters sometimes though, guilty!).

Here are some fun facts about Sadie: she's a Norwich Terrier. She's 4 yrs old. She loves to eat, and eats so fast in fact that she burps a lot, and very loudly at that. She loves to run in the grass at the park (I let her off her leash even though I'm not supposed to...shhh). She absolutely can't get enough belly rubs. One time she was told that she looks like a hedgehog. Another time she was told that she looks like a porcupine. When she sees my sister's dog, Happy, she attacks her with kisses and hasn't learned that when Happy growls it means stop. She sleeps, a lot. Her breath is pretty bad, I need to work on that. She can sit and shake (only shakes if you have food to give her). And finally, when she sees the white neighborhood cat in our yard she goes crazy!....oh, and yeah, she's really pretty darn cute!

(Photo of who else, famous Sadie, above).

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  1. I can confirm that Sadie is a pretty adorable little dog!