Thursday, April 29, 2010

i'm a mac girl now

Yippee! I'm happy to say that my new MacBook has finally arrived. In fact, this post is coming to you directly from the white keyboard of my beautiful, new purchasesay! I've got a lot to learn. It took me a minute of browsing thru the guidebook to figure out how to use the touchpad -oh, sorry, the trackpad. Now I need to learn how to backspace delete, how to skype my buddies and more importantly, how to transfer my documents and photos over to this fancy new gizmo so I can get my writing on?! In case you were wondering about my old PC, which supported me loyally for the last two years before it decided it'd had enough...the old Notepad did sputter back to life briefly before going into blackout mode again, and now the old gal, seeing her competition, is up and running. But I don't trust her. One bad move and that thing will go black again. Besides, onwards and upwards...I'm a Mac girl now :)

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