Monday, April 26, 2010

from when I was a kid - how do I love thee?

Yes, the above color-pencil drawing was done by junior high. Although, something I would draw now would look very similar. This is why I'm so envious of all you illustrators - I WISH I could draw! Just like I wish I could play the piano and speak fluent French.

But you can't be good at everything, and this isn't the 1800's when women were expected to know how to sew a dress while playing the violin and making dinner at the same time. I digress...

So I'm ashamed of my art, yet it also gives me a giggle. Anyway, I wanted to share another poem I wrote in junior high called, How Do I Love Thee? By the way, this is from the same book of poems where my teacher wrote that I should think about majoring in writing in college...and I earned an A. Read more about that here.

On the self-evaluation page I wrote that this poem was my favorite: "I like it because I love the ocean and the beach. It's a nice place to be and you can have lots of fun going there and writting about it." I spelled writting with two T's back then. oops. Maybe it's because I'm a Pisces, but I still have a fascination with the ocean. I could literally sit on the beach all day and stare at waves...

How Do I Love Thee?
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love the color, the depth, the beauty
My mind can glide with your beautiful waves
I love the freshness and the solitude
I love the touch of the warm golden sand
My hands can sift through salty water
I love the sound you make when you crash down
I love the smell of your morning dew
The seagulls that gracefully fly around
I love the oceans blue, soft, silky waves
My feet slip on your green, slimy seaweed
I love to run on the ocean front waves
I love thee mountains that stretch around you
Mostly I just love being around you.


  1. Anonymous26.4.10

    Well, well , well you will have to read this cause I know you check your responses religiously:) So good job on the blogging! I would tell you that myself if allowed!

  2. well, well i know where you and your cute lil fat dog betta call me:)