Friday, October 30, 2009

vampire with issues

Did anyone watch the Vampire Diaries on the CW last night? I love this show. And I have to give the writers a pat on the back for having a twisted sense of humor. In last night's episode, Vicki, the town's teenage drug addict who was turned into a Vampire the previous week, felt the wrath of the craving for blood and went on a blood-thirsty rampage trying to kill her boyfriend and his sister. But that wasn't the funny part, none of it was funny really, just different I suppose, in that Vicki was a "vampire with issues" - like their overall, general being isn't one big "issue" - I mean, their dead. But then Vicki, who already has a problem and goes overboard with any number of things, now has to deal with the urge to suck blood. She can't control it, and there's no 12-step program for vampires with a former human drug addiction, no recovery home she can check herself into. No, Vicki is as pretty much screwed as any vampire can be - for sure, she's got issues.

The T.V. show the Vampire Diaries, by the way, was born from a series called Night World written by L.J. Smith. These books are now on my list to read!

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