Saturday, October 31, 2009

boogedy boogedy boo!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

My sister-in-law carved this pumpkin.

My sister carved this one.

...and I carved this one. Notice it's leaning back against the wall. I thought it sat upright on its own but when I got it home it rolled over, oops.

Sadie helped to pick out the pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch. well, not really, she just kind of smelled everything. But she had lots of fun!!!

Me and Sadie. Sadie recycled her lady bug costume from last year. She went crazy with all of the "farm" smells at the pumpkin patch. I took her over to see the pigs, sheep and chickens (back right) but she just looked at them and froze. The pigs were interested in her for about 10 seconds before they went back to eating.

Oh, and Happy didn't want to be left out! She's the magical Halloween Fairy with glowing wings!!

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