Tuesday, October 20, 2009

flipside featured artist

FFA - which looks prettier italicized and sounds like a term used by the airline industry, but is not (I don't think), is actually the newest addition to my blog. Flipside Featured Artist. As we all know, I can't draw and I like to whine about it here, but I do so admire those who can and can well. So let's kick things off with my first flipside featured artist (ffa), Carol Ashley:

I found illustrator/animator Carol Ashley's work on a literary agent site and from one thumbnail showing a little girl wearing a bunny suit, and holding a basket of eggs, knew her work would be cool. Cool as in an Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, dark-kind of way, which I came to find out after reading her website, has a more concise term called "lowbrow" art - an underground visual art movement that started in LA, also known as pop surrealism.

This is the type of art that inspires me to want to write a magical-realism book with dark characters who have lost their way, or with creepy villains who give you the chills.

(all art from Carol Ashley, see website).

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