Monday, October 19, 2009

frustrated artist expresses herself thru cupcakes

My roomate and I made cupcakes last weekend for my step-dad who came up for a weekend birthday visit. The icing called for gel food coloring (Martha Stewart is fancy) but the only gel food coloring they had at the store was much for stickin' to traditional yellow, blue, red and green.

Being the non-math person that I am, I neglected to buy enough muffin tins and had to go next door to borrow a couple from my neighbor. With all of the extra icing and cupcakes I got creative and made these prickly-looking, flower-like designs.
I hope to get better at this whole cupcakery thing because it really was lots of fun and they actually tasted great. It was also a good way to express the frustrated artist in me. I plan on making Halloween cupcakes for my friends coming to visit soon, and sweet-potato cupcakes topped with marshmellows for Thanksgiving!

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