Thursday, September 17, 2009

my new roomate - the grasshopper

Two days ago I went into town with my friend to run errands, and a bright green grasshopper decided to go along with us. We first discovered him at the Post-Office hanging out on the driver's side-mirror, then he took a trip with us to the dry cleaners and he stuck around all around town and back home. When we pulled into the garage he had moved up to the roof and was hanging out. I guess he was looking for a new home, but the garage didn't seem like a good place to leave him, so I took a piece of Tupperware and scooted him out until he was in the yard.

this isn't him, but what he looked like

Well, last night he decided that the yard wasn't good enough and that the house would be better, because while making dinner we spotted him in the kitchen! He flew around the kitchen (which freaked me out a bit, even though he was cute, I don't like bugs that can fly!) until once again he found himself covered with a bowl and scooted back outside.

My roommate swears she saw him fly back in, but at this point we don't know where he is! Hopefully he found a nice place in the backyard. Anyway, this all reminds me that I left The Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden, at my folk's house when I was visiting a couple months ago. It's a cute book - I'd like to finish it - but that story, combined with my new grasshopper friend has got me thinking of new book never know where the next one will pop up - or the grasshopper.

9.19.09 UPDATE: I know, it's the news of the century, the back! Last night my roommate found him crawling on the wall next to the stairs. Okay, she was right, he did jump back in the house, but he wasn't looking so good, let's just say his greenness wasn't as brilliant and he may have lost an appendage - I know, I feel terrible about that! So needless to say, he wasn't moving too fast which helped in really getting him outside this time - I saw it with my own two eyes. And, so that he wouldn't have to go stumbling around in the dark, weak and thirsty, we placed two spinach leaves next to him so he'd have something to nibble on. Well guess what! this morning when I went to check the lettuce there were holes bitten into it! My roommate says that they're probably from some other bug, but I like to think that the grasshopper had something to do with it, and that he'll make it in the big, bad backyard, even with just one leg...

the evidence! nibbled spinach leaves

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