Monday, March 22, 2010

the plastiki sets sail!

(photo from Flickr Farewell Plastiki photosteam)

The Plastiki (the boat made out of 12,500 plastic bottles and other waste materials) set sail on Saturday, March 20th out of a harbor in Sausalito, California. I sadly missed the launch (I was out of town celebrating my birthday). If you missed the launch too, you can watch it on the Plastiki blog.

It looks like the crew got a bit of a slow start since they are using mainly wind power, but now they are on day 3 and things are speeding up. Skipper Jo Royle writes on the Plastiki blog that the they've been getting some rogue waves pushing them around, but that they're doing a good job of recovering.

It's crazy to think that "roughly 50% of plastic bottles end up in the ocean" thus the creation of the Plastiki to open our eyes..... read more FAQ on the Plastiki here.

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