Thursday, March 25, 2010

car of the future

In Shanghai, GM, in partnership with the makers of Segway, unveiled a concept for future cars. These cars are for city-use, seat two people, run on electricity from a regular home electric outlet, they communicate with other cars on the road to reach destinations faster and avoid traffic or accidents, and they go up to 25mph.

Reading the comments section of the full article, here shows that there are a lot of mixed reviews. Most people think the future car is too small to be safe, makes for lazier people (why not just walk) and don't like that there is no storage space, or they think it's just another harebrained idea from GM. Others think it's high time we put our environment first, some think this car is the perfect solution for the overcrowded polluted streets of China, where the future car concept is aimed - "GM says an EN-V is about one-third the length of a traditional car. A parking lot could hold 10 times the number of EN-Vs as regular cars."

What do you think?

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