Sunday, January 2, 2011

nincompoop: a foolish or stupid person

As I begin the process again of looking for an agent or an editor to represent a manuscript I've recently finished, I'm taking lots of time to research agencies and write query letters where I don't come off sounding like a total nincompoop. It can be real easy - sounding like a nincompoop - when you're trying to impress someone...I like to try and avoid nincompoopesy if at all possible - ok, I'll stop using that word now. So when I read examples of query letters that are far worse than mine, something inside of me starts to feel better. Now I'm no query expert, and maybe it's just me, but one should probably avoid use of the word "hungry" in a query, unless it has to do with the synopsis of the book. Check out "One Way Not To Get Published" over on the Writer Beware's blog, here.

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