Monday, January 3, 2011

naivete and art

If I could write music I would. I wish I hadn't quit piano in 8th grade - I wish I remembered a key, any key! I'm continuously fascinated by musicians and how it seems they so effortlessly piece together a new song. How they stack note after note on top of one other to create the perfect melody for their lyrics. I do love my rhymes. And there's really nothing more raw and sincere than poetry.

So in that roundabout way, I suppose, I wanted to share this sweet, little quote from musician Landon Pigg (coincidentally, Landon is the name of the boy in my book Trevelyn's Shimmer...but that's neither here nor there)... Also, this made me think about my own journey into writing children's books. Perhaps you'll find it sweet, too.

"Maybe there is a naivete in my approach. I never had a guitar lesson when I started out. I've always felt that when you don't learn all the rules, you're much more inclined to break them with a smile." - Landon Pigg

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