Monday, February 15, 2010

love at the dog park

Talk about feeling the love yesterday. I could write a story about each visit to the dog park that Sadie and I make. In fact, I'm starting a label called Dog Park Stories to file these under.

So yesterday, Sunday, the dog park was particularly crowded. A hot afternoon, my friend and I sat at a picnic bench soaking in the wonderful sun, and watched the dogs play. Sadie sat at our feet and occasionally greeted a newcomer then poked around the perimeter of the picnic bench looking for food in vain - no food allowed in a dog park. But that's neither here nor there. What made everyone get up off their seats and run with concern, was a skinny, brown dog with short hair and a wiry tail. The dog looked like he was having an episode of some sort. He picked up his feet like thorns were stabbing his pads and then wobbled from side-to-side like he was on a ship. My friend raced towards him as did about ten other people around. "Oh my God! He's having a fit!" "We need to help him!" People called out as the poor little guy continued his wobbly-sideways walk. His owner, realizing the growing concern was directed at his dog, ran over and said that the dog had a neurological disorder which made him walk strange. Poor little guy couldn’t follow a straight line to save his life. “He must constantly be thinking that someone’s playing a mean joke on him,” one woman said.

Everyone relaxed back into place, when a moment later a pack of dogs playing chase stormed by and walloped the dizzy dog, throwing him to the side again.

Oh, it was a hard scene to watch. But once again I was impressed by man's love for our small furry friends.

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