Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy birthday kid sister

Happy Birthday to my little sister Kat! She's the short one in blue, I have on that lovely pink bathing suit with teddy bears. I was obsessed with teddy bears at one point. Kat turns a landmark age today which makes me feel like time is really going by, especially because I'm two years older. She had a growth spurt around the age of 16 and ever since we've been about the same height...I was a giant by 14- always head of the fire line in school...the only time I was ever picked first for anything!

Kat and I used to sing that song from the commercial for a fake-sister-doll, not because we wanted a fake sister, but because we liked the words, it went "Kid sister, kid sister, wherever you go, I'm gonna go...." yes, we were total nerds - still are. But that's how we were in this photo, always making up stories, singing, dancing and doing the same thing.

Happy birthday kid sister, I'm so proud of you~

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