Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the unexpected visitor

Here's a funny story that my mom told me which I wanted to share. She works out of her home, and while she was sitting at her desk yesterday, she heard someone jiggling the handle on the front door trying to get in. Suddenly, the door burst open with a gust of wind and in strode a big, yellow lab. The lab, soaking wet from the rain, walked right past her office door and into the kitchen where he shook off and made himself at home. Sadie and my mom's dog, Garfield, were lounging in their beds in the office when the dog came in. They were so shocked that they didn't even bark and just stood up and gawked at the huge intruder. My mom dried the lab off and gave him some food and water, then called the number on his I.D. tag. Turns out his owners were down in San Diego and a dog-sitter was watching him. Somehow he 'd escaped his backyard and found his way to my mom's house. Maybe he could smell that there were other dogs around or maybe he just knew that the person behind the door was home and would help him? Whatever the case, he's now back at his own place and doing fine.

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