Wednesday, December 9, 2009

animals, gotta love em'!

My sister says that I may die alone for posting these, but I don't care, these photos are fun and too cute not to share!

Over Thanksgiving, my friend's baby's socks were just sitting there all alone on the couch, so I thought it would be funny to see if they fit Sadie. Yep, they sure did, almost too well... it's not my fault if they go missing one day.

Sadie and her cousin, Happy, with the white face, just hanging out.

And introducing, Mols Netter. Mols Netter lives in Chicago and likes to stare at people when they sleep. She also likes to sit on top of suitcases and swipe at certain people's feet when they're dangling off the side of a bed. I know this because I visited her in Chicago once. Oh, and she also likes to sit in the shower - without the water running, of course.

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