Monday, March 21, 2011

vote for Sadie because she likes treats

(the photo that got her paw in the door)

Something very exciting is in the, not for my writing, but for my dog! Today I learned that Sadie is a finalist in the top 16 of Diablo Magazine's cutest pet contest! My friend Bronwyn took the photo one day when we were goofing around and dressing Sadie in baby socks. We had a laugh at poor Sadie's expense, but she's a good sport...she got treats afterwards too, so don't feel too bad for her. If Sadie wins she'll get an awesome prize at a local dog store and I'll get to brag with more vindication. So please take a second and help us out. Vote for Sadie here. And vote once a day everyday until March 28th.

Sadie says "ruff-roo" and I say thank you!

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